There are several techniques used in painting. Each technique has different characteristics and you can choose according to your taste. The following painting techniques you need to know:

1. Aquarel Technique

Aquarel technique is a type of painting technique that utilizes watercolors as painting materials by applying thin colors. This is done to obtain the results of a picture that looks transparent.

2. The technique of the Plaque

Plaque painting technique uses watercolors, acrylic paints, and oil paints by applying thick colors with a thicker paint composition. There are differences with the Aquarel Technique regarding how to apply and composition of the paint. The advantage of using the technique, the resulting color is stronger and colorful in his paintings.

3. Pointillism technique

This painting technique is a technique that requires more patience than the painting technique. This is because Pointillism uses dots to produce beautiful and charming paintings. Usually, painters use color gradations to adjust the dark and light elements in their paintings.

4. Spray technique

This type of technique is a new style of painting technique by spraying paint on the painting board/media. The purpose of this painting technique is to make the painting look smoother and more visual to look at. This spraying technique is often used to paint graffiti on walls.

5. Wet technique

Wet painting is done by diluting oil paints using certain ingredients such as linseed oil. When the oil paint has been diluted with a certain thickness, then the paint is applied to the painting media. The brush used to paint with this technique is a brush with long bristles.

6. Dry Painting

Dry painting is done without using oil paint. We often use this technique by only using a pencil, crayon or markers. But in painting more specifically, dry, non-greasy brushes are used.

7. Painting with Mixed Techniques

Painting with mixed techniques is to combine two or more techniques to produce more elegant work. For example, you can combine a dry technique and a wet technique by first using the dry technique and then coating it with the wet technique. This makes the user more creative in making new paintings.

Those are the important things that you can know about painting including the types, functions, and techniques of painting. The types of painting are a concept with typical painting results.

While painting techniques are a way to paint to produce images with certain characteristics. The function of painting is so great and can be useful for both painters and visitors who see it.

In addition to attracting someone, a painting can function as a decoration or a profitable business. The information that you can about this painting hopefully can help you to paint according to taste.