Does your child like to sing or dance? It could be a hidden artistic talent that Mama could explore from her abilities. Some parents are often unaware that their children have extraordinary artistic talent. As a result of ignorance, the ability is finally invisible and hidden. Of course this is not desired by Mama. Mama definitely wants everything that is best for her little baby. So, if he has talent, why didn’t you grow his artistic spirit early on?

How to instill art into children

Actually there are many ways you can do to instill art in children from an early age. The easiest thing is to use facilities such as picture books. It aims to improve children’s feelings about art from an early age.Not just a picture book, Mama can also use some musical toys such as a mini keyboard or mini guitar to find out how great her artistic talent is in the music field.

In addition, take the child to art shows and see the response from the little one. Is he being enthusiastic or even bored and quickly wants to go home? Artistic children will surely be enthusiastic about the show, it cannot be denied if he has the talent as an artist.

The Role of Parents in Growing the Soul of Children’s Art

Mama’s role is very important to foster the soul of art in children. If a child likes to scribble on walls, never scold him. This fact makes it an obstacle in pouring the existing artistic soul in him. If you don’t want the walls of the house to be victimized, you can use other facilities such as a lot of blank paper. After that, praise the child with all the creativity he created. Support from Mama makes children more excited to release all of his imagination. This ability to think and imagine will then spread to other areas of the brain so that the child also has a good ability to solve problems, think critically, and understand reading.

If your child is interested in art, Mama should show him that you are also very interested in art. Mama can make art as a material for conversation or daily conversation topics. little interested in art. For example, telling the painting that you have or watching a movie that contains the soul of art, or listening to music. All of that is done to stimulate children’s stimulation of the arts. Many things can you do to foster the soul of art in children? Do you have any other suggestions or opinions? Come share with us.