Doctor Strange News

There are tons of news and other features on Doctor Strange online  which you can watch on and most of them are not verified by Marvel Studios… yet.

One such news in the latest Marvel offering concerns the character played by True Detective star Rachel McAdams. She is rumored to play the love interest of Strange. In the comics, that role goes to Linda Carter, otherwise known as the Night Nurse. However, the stronger belief is that McAdams will portray Christine Palmer who was also the Night Nurse at one point in the comic book timeline.

It is important to note, though, that in the Netflix TV series Daredevil, Rosario Dawson plays Claire Temple, a nurse who is rumored to become Luke Cage’s love interest. Many believed that Dawson’s role would later be known as the Night Nurse because of her profession. This was refuted by Daredevil’s Steven S. DeKnight who divulged that the film division of Marvel is planning something else for the Night Nurse character which lead many to believe that The Notebook star will play the hero nurse in the movie. How McAdams and even Cumberbatch for that matter fits in to the MCU remains a mystery, which will all be resolved after we watch Doctor Strange movie  in November.


You must be aware of the release of the film Star Trek Beyond on the 22 nd of this month. We hope it will be able to meet their expectations and to get the tag of one of the most successful movies of the series. The great news is that you can watch the movie online as well!

You do have a number of reasons for watching star trek beyond such as:

– There are enough aliens, hardware and mystery to impress you.
– The terrific yet minimalistic background score of the movie.
– The fifty-year old glorious tradition of the Star Trek series of movies.
– Nice visual effects and exotic locations.
– The great actors who bring life into the characters.
– The artistic make-ups help the actors portray the characters of reptile-like creatures and aliens well.


As you can understand, the movie is a must-watch for all the film enthusiasts. There are many online sites that will allow you to watch the full movie and that too for free! The perks of watching it online are:

– You can watch it free of cost provided you have a strong internet connection.
– You do not have to step out and can enjoy the film sitting at the comfortable environment of your home.
– The quality of picture and sound will be good enough.
– It will save other expenses such as your fuel expenses.
– There’s no need to adjust your schedule according to the time of the show. You can watch it whenever you are free.

However, be careful that you do not download it from the wrong site, thus posing threats to your personal security and exposing your system to virus and malware. So check the authenticity of the site that you choose.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Watch The Suicide Squad

In the next few months, holding back your anticipation might get slightly more difficult with the kind of hype the promos of Suicide Squad are creating. It is not for nothing that the tagline has won many hearts with a punch packed powerfully. Being in between, being the grey character, being the apparent savior while keeping your bad side intact does not happen everywhere and when the Suicide Squad full movie doles out enough ingredients for a high-end drama, there is no reason good enough to miss it. Listed below are the top 5 reasons why you must watch Suicide Squad:

  1. The Impressive Casting

What the comic book might have missed out in terms of popularity, Warner Brothers is making up for with the impressive casting of the central characters in the Suicide Squad 2016 movie. The much-loved cartoon couple of Harley Quinn and the Joker have been brought together in this movie, with Margot Robbie playing the role of Harley Quinn. This combination is a recipe for sure shot success since Margot looks quite the villain on screen and pairs up brilliantly with the Joker. To add to icing on the cake, is Will Smith, who is also a central character in the film. Gear up for punch lines that will rule the year round, thanks to the ever-enthusiastic fan boys. You cannot afford to miss this kind of cast for anything in the world!

  1. A threatening villain

As if the super villains who are teaming up weren’t enough, there is a formidable entity against whom the team will fight. Although the identity of the ultimate villain has not been revealed, it is quite obvious from the look of the promos that the directors have not settled for anything that is less terrifying.

  1. Action sequences that are hard to miss

With Rick Flagg and Deadshot teaming up to fight the odds, there is no looking back. There is something fascinating about watching real time super villains co-operating with each other to take over the evil at hand. Epic action sequences will certainly rule the roost when the bad is pitched against the worst.

  1. Vulnerable villains

Unlike typical superhero movies where the day is always saved and the goodness remains intact, this comic book film adaptation showcases villains who are vulnerable and may die. There is a certain relative factor with such kind of movies which you wouldn’t really want to miss out on.

  1. The Batman Touch

When you watch the promos of Suicide Squad stream on websites, the Batman cameo is hard to miss. With Ben Affleck in Bruce Wayne mode, there is all the more hype around it. Warner Brothers have attempted to recreate what Marvel has done to their comic book adaptation universe and there is no denying the fact that this adds to the star power in the movie. You are bound to watch Suicide Squad without batting an eyelid.

Watch Suicide Squad free of cost as soon as the movie releases on websites that allow free streaming without you needing to download or install anything.

Captain America: Civil War – Whose Side Are You On?

As Captain America: Civil War is getting ready for its India release on May 6, the internet is already teeming with debates about Team Stark and Team America. As a Marvel fan, it is impossible to take sides when two of your favourite heroes are at loggerheads and you find yourself having to take sides.

What does the nation do when their heroes are fighting each other? The trailer of the film, while engaging, is only adding to the anticipation of what will come. Captain America loyalists are looking forward to what promises another blockbuster entity and finally they have ability to watch the movie here:

  • A sneak peak of the intriguing story: Well, we know that superhero movies have common thread in all; good wins over evil. Then how is this movie any different? Here’s what we know – the US Government wants superheroes to sign the Superhuman Registration Act; meaning that their identities will be known to the government. This doesn’t go down well with our heroes and they split up. One team is led by Captain America and the half that is with the government is headed by Tony Stark. Captain America doesn’t sign up with the government. This is where things get interesting. Tony Stark promises to bring Captain America down. Iron Man gives them a chance to reconsider without any success.


  • All for a common cause: As the conflict gets messier, both sides take hits. Captain America decides to surrender after losing two members from his team. As always, when it matters the most, Captain America chooses to be a patriot. Rather than be the reason behind all the devastation, he chooses peace and the American people. And that is why Captain America is a real hero. Sometimes, even heroes don’t get everything right, and Civil War proves exactly that.

X-Men: Apocalypse – Know your Heroes

Director/Writer Bryan Singer is ready to treat us with yet another blockbuster – The X-Men Apocalypse . The trailer is a viral hit and has fans drooling for what’s in store.

ICYMI, here’s a small primer of all the key characters in the X-Men universe. Read on to find out what this movie has in store for old favourites. Do not forget to watch the X-Men Apocalypse full movie and trailer online!


Though Apocalypse is the main antagonist in the X-Men universe,  he makes his debut X-Men Apocalypse. He is an ancient mutant, named En Sabah Nur or the very first of all, who accrues supernatural powers from other mutants. The blue-grey-skinned immortal mutant s considered a god of sorts and is a master at manipulating matter and energy. He is set to wreak havoc on humanity with the aid of his four horsemen – Pestilence, Famine, War and Death.


Cyclops aka Scott Summers is a teenager in this movie who struggles with his mutant powers. He is played by Tye Sheridan.


A young Magneto, played by Michael Fassbender, is on Apocalypse’s side, and serves as one of his horsemen.

Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men, reopens his School for Gifted Youngsters. His telekinetic power is put to the test when his former best friend Magneto betrays him. James McAvoy has gone bald for this role.


Storm will be played by Alexandra Shipp who replaces Halle Berry. Storm who is usually seen as a strong, maternal figure in the school, will be on the other side as Apocalypse manipulates her to be one of his Horsemen.

A lot of characters are returning in this movie – Quicksilver, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Gambit, and Beast along with a young Mystique (played by Jennifer Lawrence).